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Gamer Girls

Some new pinups - collect 'em all!

Atari 2600
Atari 2600



A regular green-blooded gal

Vulcan Valentine

For Valentine's Day show at Cafe Racer

B is for Bureau

Volume "B" of our free quarterly anthology is now available!


This one is dedicated to our friends at Cafe Racer. If you had any occasion to visit The Racer then you might know how we feel about the place and many of the wonderful regulars. Please visit http://www.caferacerlove.org/ and find out how you can donate in support of the people and families who were affected by the tragic shootings last week.

Stumpy Town

20120428IMG_1601-Stumptown Comics Fest

Back from Stumptown Comics Fest where a good time was apparently had by all. We had our first full-on "booth" and we did pretty well. Next year we should get a banner and we'll definitely need more postcards/bizness cards to hand out (we ran dry)! This year the crowd seemed a bit smaller than at last year's show but that may be due in part to the MoCCA Festival happening at the same time in New York. Anyhow, I'm very glad to be part of such a cool convention and every year I'm excited by all the great talent I see converging there. Go Team Comix!

Hey, kids! Comics!

Announcing the debut of the Bureau of Drawers comics anthology, to which I am a contributor. My long-on-hiatus serial, ROJO, will now be continuing in its very pages. Please check it out, won't you?

(unless you have a comics reader on your computer/device, you'll want to download the PDF version)


Woody Tobias Junior as Bruno

Dr. Tongue and Bruno

It's that time of year again - the annual Halloween show at Cafe Racer!

Thursday, October 27 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Cafe Racer
5828 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA

Muppet Rawk

Felt Bent For Leather

My submission to the Muppet Rawk III show. This show is going to be awesome!

Aug. 26th, 2011

Angel and the Ape

Here's my contribution to the DC Fifty-Too project.

Angel and the Ape have already been through a couple of reboots - both in the 90s (where it was awkwardly crammed into DC continuity), and in the 00s (where it was dredged through Vertigo sensibilities) - but neither attempt matched the goofy appeal of the original, or the wonderful artwork of Bob Oksner.

Check out all the great covers at DC Fifty-Too!


Astronaut Cheesecake

Space Girl #1

5"x7" marker drawings done live for the Bureau of Drawers group show "Economy of Line". Each took about 45 minutes and were based on earlier thumbnail sketches. This one sold so I'm glad I got a snapshot with my phone!

Space Girl #2
More of a 2001-style helmet here.

Space Girl #3
Obviously a little Barbarella inspirado here!


Spider-Man Sketch

Because of the large floppy hand, I call this one "Don Martin's Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man"